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Anja Rubik treasures 'impractical' Met Gala dress

Anja Rubik treasures 'impractical' Met Gala dress

Anja Rubik will never sell her "provocative" Anthony Vaccarello dress.

The Polish model isn't afraid to be brave with her outfit choices and cites the red carpet as the only place where one can "really take risks". For Anja, there's one stand-out piece which she holds dear in her designer closet, as it reminds her to never follow the crowds.

"The most treasured item in my wardrobe is a very impractical white dress that Anthony Vaccarello designed for me four years ago for the Met Gala," she smiled to The Edit. "I haven’t worn it since, and I will probably never wear it again, but I cherish it. It’s very provocative, very sexy, and completely one of a kind. A lot of people wanted to buy that dress for a lot of money, but I would never sell it."

The 33-year-old star looks at clothes as an extension of her personality and emotions and takes on some wise words spoken by photographer Bill Cunningham: "Clothes are the armour that you put on against the boredom of everyday."

However, Anja would never spend hours getting ready and is always one to get dressed quickly, ensuring she has plenty of garments that work well together. She's embarrassed to admit her guest room has become her own walk-in wardrobe, which gets "messier and messier" until she finds herself reorganising.

"I spoke to (fellow model) Karolina Kurkova, and she said, ‘Well I have white shirts altogether, T-shirts altogether...’ and I was thinking, what a nutcase, that’s insane!" she laughed. "Then I went home and did exactly what she told me. And it works."

Shoes are also a must for Anja and she reveals she has "hundreds" of pairs, even some that she knows she'll never actually put on.

"When I got into this business I actually started out advertising shoes because I have very long legs, and I began to really appreciate them and the way they can completely change your whole outfit," she added.

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