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Anja Rubik gave away Gucci bag due to obsession

Anja Rubik gave away Gucci bag due to obsession

Anja Rubik gave away her Gucci handbag because she used it too much.

The 33-year-old model has admitted she once parted ways with her lavish accessory because she became obsessed with it and used it every day.

She said: "I used to have a Gucci bag that I would wear all the time, and every time I would see a picture of myself in a magazine, I was wearing that bag, so I had to give it away. I knew if I kept it, I would never use anything else."

However, the Polish beauty isn't so willing to part ways with everything as she'd never give up her white Anthony Vaccarello dress because it's her favourite gown.

Speaking to The Net-A-Porter's The Edit, she explained: "[The red carpet is] where you can really take risks. The most treasured item in my wardrobe is a very impractical white dress that Anthony Vaccarello designed for me four years ago for the Met Gala. I haven't worn it since, and I will probably never wear it again, but I cherish it.

"It's very provocative, very sexy, and completely one of a kind. A lot of people wanted to buy that dress for a lot of money, but I would never sell it."

Meanwhile, Anja likes to keep her day-to-day look very casual but she believes her fashion sense changes depending on what city she's staying in.

She said: "[In New York] at the weekend I'm usually completely dishevelled. Very often I just grab whatever is to hand and throw on something very oversized like a T-shirt with a big sweater over it. I have a dog in New York so very often you'll see me out walking in my pyjamas with just a trench coat tied over them and flip flops. But that's the beauty of New York: no one really cares how you look.

"I wouldn't dare do that in Paris - once I land there I feel obliged to look chic all the time; I'm always dressed up."