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Andreja Pejić: Why I’m proud of Make Up role

Andreja Pejić: Why I’m proud of Make Up role

Andreja Pejic has gushed about becoming the new face of Make Up For Ever.

The 23-year-old model has been breaking boundaries ever since coming out as transgender last July, and she is particularly proud of her latest role.

Posting a photo of herself standing next to a huge cardboard cut out of her image while holding a small box earlier today, Andreja shared how pleased she was that the industry is becoming more open.

"The world is as diverse as the 40 shades [email protected] Ultra HD foundation :) [email protected] (sic)" she wrote alongside the picture.

This follows on from several big achievements over the last year, such as making her runway debut during London Fashion Week in February and becoming the first transgender model to have a Vogue spread. While landing her new job may not appear as life-changing as her other accomplishments, for Andreja it's a dream come true.

“Landing a cosmetics contract is a huge deal for any model - it’s sort of the Oscars of the fashion world,” she gushed to People. “And this is a brand that matches what I’ve tried to portray in my career: the message has always been about being OK to be yourself and living a truthful life, being able to express yourself. It’s OK to be different.”

Joining her in the prestigious role is actress Jamie Chung, with both women having their own personalised items in the range.

Even when she isn't dolling up for a job Andreja loves experimenting with make-up to make herself "feel prettier". But by the sounds of it, the fashion star didn't always succeed.

“When I was a teenager, I was a little emo for six months, maybe," she laughed. "I was using a lot of extremely light foundation and eyeliner. That was a phase that was kind of interesting that I wouldn’t wear again!”

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