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Andreja Pejic upgrades from rock chic for designer style

Andreja Pejic upgrades from rock chic for designer style

Andreja Pejic has upgraded her grungy model style for a bold, designer-led aesthetic.

Having moved on from her early rock 'n' roll chic, the model credits the change to two things - more money, and putting more thought into curating her image. The transgender Australian model, the first to be profiled by Vogue magazine in 2015, admits that while she admires the style of Victoria Beckham, their looks couldn't be further apart.

In an interview with, Andreja described her style as, “Victorian lady meets cowboy meets colourful punk meets '90s Gucci meets glam rock meets the future." Quite a change from the beginning of her career when the 24-year-old says she wasn't always so bold with her fashion choices. Then, she opted for tried-and-tested model basics, and a downbeat colour palette.

"Now I am not scared of colour, glamour, frill, or femininity," she shared. “When you’re younger and without much money, rock ’n’ roll isn’t too difficult of an aesthetic to adopt. Now I have to put a lot more thought and money in my choices!”

Her wardrobe now bulges with designer pieces from Marc Jacobs, Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Chloe - and as she has a penchant for wearing underwear as outerwear, many pieces from Kiki de Montparnasse and Agent Provocateur.

Despite regularly getting dressed up for her day job, with Andreja taking to the catwalk for Marc Jacobs, Giles Deacon and Jean Paul Gaultier among others, she is still a fan of wearing a complete "look" for the red carpet. Andreja's go-to silhouettes are typically figure-hugging and in bright colours.

“(I get excited by) the diamonds and the flash,” she laughed. “I recently wore a Vivienne Westwood red gown with the perfect Make Up For Ever red lip to the Fragrance Foundation Awards, I just felt chic and properly stated.” But while her style may break the rules, there is one that she swears by.

“When it hits 2:00 a.m., go home and get some beauty sleep. There’s nothing open past 2:00 a.m. except legs and nostrils," she smiled.

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