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Andreja Pejić: Taylor Swift is courageous

Andreja Pejić: Taylor Swift is courageous

Andreja Pejić has praised Taylor Swift for being so "brave".

The superstar singer is known for bringing famous friends on stage during her show and this week model Andreja and fellow runway star Lily Donaldson were given the honour.

As a transgender fashion star who is a huge voice in the LGBTQ community, Andreja is pleased that someone as influential as Taylor is being so welcoming.

"You know what, it's something I am definitely still processing," she marvelled to E! News. "I honestly didn't expect such a mainstream star of her level to be so welcoming and supportive.

"I feel like it's pretty brave and progressive of her and ultimately makes people more accepting of differences.

"We may not all be born exactly the same but we're all human and at the end of the day we all want the same basic things out of life."

Andreja was born a man and previously walked the runway as an androgynous male model. In 2014 the 23-year-old underwent sex reassignment surgery and is now living as a woman.

The star is keen to be a role model for anyone else in her position and wants to make some positive changes. In that light, she's teamed up with Make Up For Ever on a campaign.

“I’m incredibly honoured to be the first openly transgender female model to land a cosmetics contract, and I commend Make Up For Ever for taking this historical step with me,” Andreja told

“[The campaign] is really pushing social boundaries in a positive way. Not only does this campaign represent a social change, but it is also helping millions of kids around the world who are struggling with gender, sexuality, or insecurities of feeling different and out of place.”

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