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André Leon Talley: Westwood deserves more

André Leon Talley: Westwood deserves more

André Leon Talley thinks Dame Vivienne Westwood’s work is underrated.

The fashion star, who used to be Vogue America’s editor-at-large, is currently the curator of a new exhibition that opened yesterday at the SCAD Museum of Art in Savannah, Georgia.

The display is called Dress Up Story – 1990 Until Now and is made up of 25 designs Vivienne created with her design partner and husband Andreas Kronthaler.

“She is totally underrated. I think her work is on the level of Yves Saint Laurent couture with the depth or her originality and boldness. She’s like a female English Saint Laurent! She is the reverend mother of a certain movement in fashion,” André said to

André first met Vivienne in the early 80s, and the two have become firm friends.

Picking out his favourite pieces from the collection, André selected an embroidered linen dress from 2008 and a gold bustier mini dress from 2015, which features tartan details that fall to the floor.

Vivienne is known for her use of tartan and happily admits to identifying with punk mentality.

She rose to dominance as a designer in punk-era London in the 70s, and created clothes and opened up a shop called Let It rock with Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren.

She recently spoke about how she likes to design clothes for women that aren’t overly feminine.

"Andreas designs as much as I do, if not more now, and I keep leaving it up to him because he's very, very talented," she told British magazine InStyle. "Men put women on a pedestal and make them look powerful and important. That's what I like about working with a man. If you're not careful, a lot of female designers can make women look a little bit girlie and vulnerable."

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