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Anderson: Tradition is no longer enough

Anderson: Tradition is no longer enough

Jonathan Anderson doesn't want people to become immune to Loewe.

The Northern Irish designer became creative director of the label in 2013 and consciously made an effort to update its luxury heritage with his creations. It was founded in 1846 so has a huge back catalogue to draw inspiration from, though Jonathan doesn't think traditional is enough to impress fashion fans anymore.

“It’s like antibiotics. After a while, they stop working. I think people have become immune to that way of doing brands. To say, ‘We made things for the royal family’ – that’s not enough anymore," he told British newspaper The Guardian of following old-fashioned methods. "It’s time for something new. [I want to] take a brand that operates in a luxury environment, and make it about culture. Make it a brand that articulates the period I am in now.”

If anything he thinks lavishness isn't the main focus of clothing these days and what's important is that people are interested. In fact, he can relate to the way new items are posted on Instagram before another quickly takes its place as his mind works in a similar way.

"It’s not just about consumers not getting bored of the brand, it’s about me not getting bored of it," he added.

These comments could lead some to believe Jonathan is too self-confident, and he can see why. He's often branded arrogant or "too forceful", but shrugs it off by admitting that's just the way he is.

As well as Loewe the fashion star has his own label J. W. Anderson and he puts 100 per cent effort into both ventures. He believes this is down to his upbringing in Northern Ireland during the 90s.

“It was a very difficult period. Car bombs, a town getting blown up. It was awful, and really confusing as a child to live through that, but it toughened me up. I don’t take anything for granted because I know that life is like a fuse," he added.

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