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Amy Schumer's relaxed Golden Globes preparation

Amy Schumer's relaxed Golden Globes preparation

Amy Schumer's beauty routine includes meditation and watching reality TV.

The 'Trainwreck' star attended the Golden Globe Awards in a two-tone Prabal Gurung gown on Sunday (10.01.16) and her make-up artist Andrea Tiller insisted that Amy's pre-show beauty preparation was quite relaxed.

She told PeopleStyle: "After 20 minutes of meditation, we put on 'The Housewives' to have some fun while we're getting ready."

Andrea also revealed that she took inspiration for Amy's make-up from her classic gown.

She explained: "I saw a classic Fifties style. I wanted to focus on Amy's beautiful eyes because that's what we focus on most of the time, and making it a combination of edgy, sexy and bold -- with a little bit of '50's inspiration. That's where the cat-shaped eye comes in."

Amy's hairstylist Kim Gueldner revealed she too was inspired by the actress' dress.

She said: "I was really inspired by the structured contrast of Amy's dress, so for her hair, I wanted to do something sleek with a touch of modern texture."