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Amber Le Bon steers clear of tight trousers

Amber Le Bon steers clear of tight trousers

Amber Le Bon has been scared off wearing super-tight trousers in public thanks to a story told by her musician father Simon Le Bon.

The 26-year-old star grew up used to fame thanks to her Duran Duran rocker dad and model mother Yasmin. She's always looked to them for tips on how to behave in public, with Simon stepping up when it came to dishing out fashion tips.

"Never wear too-tight trousers in public," she laughed to Britain's Hello! magazine, when asked about advice she'd been given by her father. "He used to tell us an anecdote when we were growing up about performing on stage and wearing trousers so tight they split open."

Yasmin came into her own with beauty advice though. The 51-year-old model has a flawless complexion and enviably toned figure, plus she's a chameleon when it comes to style and can carry off almost any look. One of her most daring looks saw her sport a short, shaved hairstyle - something Amber is in awe of as she'd never be able to carry it off.

"Oh, she has had everything - from short to long hair to bleached eyebrows," Amber explained. "But I'm not a short-hair person. The last time I had short hair I was nine and I hated it.

"My mum - she is the most beautiful woman. But she needs to start ageing because it's beginning to get really annoying."

That last comment was firmly tongue-in-cheek, with Amber explaining Yasmin has always helped her when it comes to beauty. The young model has two sisters and they were all allowed to mess around with their mother's products when they were little.

"She told me to play with make-up and get to know my face," Amber explained. "I mean, she couldn't exactly stop three daughters from playing with her make-up. Tallulah, my youngest sister, would be our real-life doll - my other sister Saffron and I would use her as our model, piling red lip-stick on her cheeks. Mum would come in and say, 'No, do it properly. Don't be afraid to experiment. You're only at home - we can take it all off in five minutes.'"

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