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Amber Le Bon: My down-to-earth life

Amber Le Bon: My down-to-earth life

Model Amber Le Bon insists her life is a lot more normal than people may think.

The 26-year-old beauty is the daughter of Duran Duran singer Simon Le Bon and model Yasmin Le Bon, so was bound for stardom since day one. She's paved her own successful fashion career by walking during Fashion Weeks and modelling for big brands such as Moschino and Diesel.

Amber insists it isn't all its cranked up to be though and things are relatively low key behind closed doors.

"My lifestyle is really very normal!" she smiled to "People sometimes don’t see the other side of modelling; there are a lot of early starts and it can be mentally draining as you're constantly giving a part of yourself and creating emotions for the camera. There are lots of great parts to it to though. I know how lucky and fortunate I am."

Despite a hectic work schedule Amber always makes time for her family, stopping by to visit them whenever in London, UK. When she isn't with her relatives the brunette star relies on one of her close friends, who she's been pals with for 11 years, to keep her grounded.

Amber's latest venture is modelling for accessories brand Folli Follie's Santorini Flower range. It's a line which she can incorporate into her own wardrobe effortlessly, with pieces such as a ceramic watch and a rose gold-plated necklace.

"I think the collection really reflects my personality, as I'm quite a bubbly fun person," she added. "I love being in the sun and feeling happy and positive which is really what the Santorini Flower collection is about."

Amber is just as passionate about music as she is about style. She's been DJing for some time now and enjoys singing along to her tunes, especially knowing other people are having fun listening.

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