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Amber Le Bon: 'Carbs on carbs is my perfect meal'

Amber Le Bon: 'Carbs on carbs is my perfect meal'

Amber Le Bon breaks away from the modelling norm by admitting she's a massive carb lover.

The British beauty was born into the fame game; her dad is Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon and her mum Yasmin was a high-profile model in the '80s. Growing up in the limelight could have contributed to Amber's healthy outlook on food, which includes indulging in carbohydrates and sugar when the mood takes.

"My favourite meal is carbs on carbs," she confessed to Britain's Marie Claire magazine. "I love chips dipped in mashed potato as well as mashed potato sandwiches. And sugar is like a drug - when I have withdrawal I get really mean and aggressive, so I allow myself a little."

When it comes to health fads, Amber has little time for them. One A-list favourite in particular is held in low regard by the 26-year-old.

"I hate green juices," she exclaimed. "They're healthy but I've yet to find on that tastes nice. If I have to have one, I'll opt for kale, spinach, celery, lemon, a bit of lime and a shot of ginger. The ginger makes it tolerable."

Her refreshing views on diet aren't the only surprising fact about the model; she also favours applying her own make-up for events. She may have fronted campaigns for hair brand Pantene and Italian fashion house Fausto Puglisi, but Amber doesn't need the help of make-up artists to look good.

"I'm an expert at doing my make-up in the back of a cab," she smiled. "The trick with eyeliner is to sit leaning away from the seat, meet your elbows to steady yourself and then hold the mirror in one hand and rest the other, with the pencil, against your cheek so if the car jolts the pencil moves with you."

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