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Amanda Wakeley's selfie-shot campaign

Amanda Wakeley's selfie-shot campaign

Amanda Wakeley has taken inspiration from the “selfie-obsessed world” for her new campaign.

This marks the fashion designer’s first ready-to-wear advert, and she has trusted model-turned-photographer Astrid Muñoz to take the reins. Astrid both stars in and shot the campaign, which is made up of three self-taken shots which were staged in location around London, UK.

“In this selfie-obsessed world, I liked the idea of model-turned-photographer-turned-muse,” Amanda told WWD. “I love Astrid’s ageless spirit; for me she embodies the multitalented, multitasking, Wakeley woman.”

The pictures are being referred to under the hash tag #MyWakeleyMoment, and they all have a high-fashion spin. In one, Astrid is seen in a black dress which has a form-fitting top and a skirt made of tassels. It’s worn with a pair of black stiletto ankle boots and the model is sitting straight-backed in a purple chair as she stares into the camera, which is to her side.

“Selfies are part of today’s culture. People want everything quickly and disposable,” Astrid explained. “Selfies are disposable - the self-portrait is timeless. We carefully captured the one important moment.”

The shots will appear in publications like British Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar.

Lanvin has also been organising its latest campaign, with designer Alber Elbaz opting for the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel in London, UK, as his setting. It’s the place where Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II apparently had her first dance, which is why the designer is so in love with it.

Twins Baylee and Kelsey Soles and Erik and Niek Put appear in the images, with sisters Reba and Jess Maybury rounding out the group. The Autumn campaign shots boast big hats which are used to cover the models faces and pieces from the line, which was heavy on floaty dresses, layering, tassels and fur-like accents.

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