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Alyssa Miller went on a road trip for Understated Leather campaign

Alyssa Miller went on a road trip for Understated Leather campaign

Alyssa Miller wanted her Understated Leather campaign to feel like an "adventure".

The 28-year-old model has collaborated with the Texas-based brand on a clothing collection, shooting the advertisements in West Texas with photographer Harper Smith and Understated Leather designer Jennifer Kassell.

With sexy snaps showing her rocking pieces from the line, including a pair of embroidered shorts, a cowboy hat and a deep V-neck jumpsuit, Alyssa hopes fans get to experience the three-day road trip she went on for the photoshoot.

"I wanted it to feel like a journey, like an adventure, and it was one," she told W magazine, revealing the gang almost ran out of gas at one point while on a country road with nothing nearby for miles. "We talked for hours, we shared our stories and offered our advice. We almost peed our pants while waiting for the next rest stop, then ate all the crappy convenience store snacks and drank wine straight from the bottle at night. We shot when we came upon something interesting that helped tell our story. We shot when it felt right, and when it didn't, we didn't. It was perfect."

Alyssa, who has posed for the likes of Sports Illustrated, Guess and Chopard over the years, wanted to give the range a retro vibe, with embroidery playing a big part in the designs. She hopes customers will feel as though they've purchased something from yesteryear and wanted to get across that vibe in the campaign too, which she styled herself.

"In this case it was less is more," she explained. "I used only vintage white blouses and T-shirts from my vintage collection for Pilgrim, a bit of a signature of mine. The great thing about this collection is that it really speaks for itself, it didn't need much."

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