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Altuzarra: Online feedback is crucial

Altuzarra: Online feedback is crucial

Joseph Altuzarra has changed the way he designs because of the Internet.

The star has opened up about the way online retail has altered his collections, revealing that all feedback he receives from websites affects him. Stores like Net-a-Porter and MyTheresa have become huge business for him, so he realised it would be churlish to ignore advice he was being given.

“We basically got feedback that anything that had detail on the back of the dress wouldn’t sell as well because the pictures are all from the front," he explained while speaking at Savannah College of Art and Design's tenth annual lecture and panel series, SCADstyle,.

"So we were encouraged to move the detail to the front of the dress, which is interesting feedback and is specific to the way that those retailers shoot the clothing, but it's sort of an anecdote to show that it has a real impact on how we design.”

That’s not the only way the web has impacted Joseph. He’s realised that fans of his label Altuzarra pour over runway images online, and they often want to buy complete looks from his collections rather than singular pieces.

“If something is different in stores and doesn’t look exactly the way it did on - they’re disappointed,” he explained.

That means he finds it harder to sell items which haven’t been shown on the catwalk.

The designer also admitted being pressured to change his label’s aesthetic when he first started out, as at that time minimalist brands like Céline were hot. It meant many retailers thought that was the only thing that would sell, but he’s glad he stuck with a more glamorous approach.

He also won’t rule out taking a creative director position with another brand in the future, although at the moment that feels a long way off.

“Depending on what comes my way, one day there might be something interesting, but it's not something that I’m seeking out. I love building Altuzarra and I love working where I work so I don’t know why I would want to change that,” he said.

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