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Alice Eve on 'amazing' cosmetic surgery

Alice Eve on 'amazing' cosmetic surgery

Alice Eve thinks cosmetic surgery is "amazing."

The 'Star Trek into Darkness' actress hasn't ruled out going under the knife in the near future because she thinks it can provide some fantastic results but has admitted she quite likes being able to move her face and showing expression.

She explained to Hello! Fashion Monthly: "I look up to Julianne Moore, Naomi Watts, Rachel Weisz, Helen McCrory...these women are still flourishing and continue to be brilliant [as they get older].

"Sometimes cosmetic surgery is amazing. The choice is yours. For men, too. It's a massively human choice now and I don't think you should be judged. I don't know either way but, I do like to be able to express my emotions."

Meanwhile, although she may be open to the idea of surgery to enhance her look, the 33-year-old star certainly doesn't lack confidence when it comes to her curvy figure.

She said previously: "I'm not the classic Hollywood shape."

And, despite being hit with fat jibes online, Alice is adamant she won't change her diet to suit other people.

She told the Daily Express newspaper in 2010: "I just eat healthily. Food is so delicious that it's really hard to fall out of love with it. Those people on the internet messageboards who go, 'She's fat.' they want you to fall out of love with it.

"But what a horrible life it would be if you did."

The January issue of Hello! Fashion Monthly is out now.