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Alexander Wang: Does fame change fashion?

Alexander Wang: Does fame change fashion?

Alexander Wang often wonders how his job at Balenciaga would be different if he wasn't well known.

The designer launched his first womenswear collection under his own name in 2007 and his creations are now being sold at over 700 stores worldwide.

In 2012 he was announced as the new creative director of Balenciaga, taking over from Nicolas Ghesquière. Wang is now synonymous with the label but isn't sure his impact there would have been the same had he been an unknown designer.

"I always think about how it would have been different or how my collections would have been perceived had I not had a name, or if I was on the design team and the journalists didn’t know what to expect from me," he said during a talk hosted by Wall Street Journal at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. "I don’t know if I have an answer to that but every collection, I always have to feel like there has to be an element that ties back to Cristobal [Balenciaga, founder]. His name is the one on the door and that is the one that I should honour."

Wang always makes an impact on the runway with his unique and bold designs. He does read reviews on his shows but doesn't take any negative criticism to heart.

Having so many shops boasting his clothing, Wang immediately thinks about how his garments will look to customers at the beginning of the design process.

"Even from the initial conception of thinking about a collection or thinking about a direction or an idea of what we're designing, I always think about what it's going to look like on a rack," he added. "The message it's going to convey, what's the hanger appeal, do we have the right e-commerce boxes to package them up or send them out."

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