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Alex Perry: 'Instagram models aren't real stars'

Alex Perry: 'Instagram models aren't real stars'

Alex Perry has slammed "Instamodels" for not having what it takes to be a true fashion star.

The designer and Australia’s Next Top Model judge has voiced his opinions on what makes a model stand out, insisting a true star “won the genetic lottery” rather than relying on photo apps to enhance their features.

He also made an obvious dig at the relatives of model Kendall Jenner, who has landed her own modelling career in recent years and half-sisters include Kim and Khloe Kardashian.

“In pop culture it’s different because the Kardashians shape, sculpt, inject, all that sort of thing,” he told Australia’s Daily Telegraph.

“Instamodels - whatever that is - they whack their filters on, they get their lips done and they go ‘oh look I’m really beautiful’, but that’s on Instagram, that’s not like when (Brazilian supermodel) Gisele walks past you and she was just born that way, there’s something naturally incredibly beautiful about that.”

Perry made his comments at the Myer Spring 17 model casting, where he noted none of the models appeared looked as though they’d been filtered due to “an integrity in the modelling industry” that requires girls to appear natural.

He follows the same rule when it comes to his role on the TV competition Australia’s Next Top Model, asking candidates to remove their make-up – much to their horror.

“They’re playing dress-ups. Popular culture tells them to pack it on,” he sighed.

“In real life, if you need to make yourself feel great and it’s about your confidence, I don’t have a problem with that, but models (have to be) born with it. That’s the realness.

“You should admire it rather than get bent out of shape if you don’t look like it.”

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