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Alessandro Michele on Gucci's changing aesthetic

Alessandro Michele on Gucci's changing aesthetic

The new aesthetic Alessandro Michele has brought to Gucci has an element of "creepiness".

Rome-based designer Michele was appointed as the Italian fashion house's creative director back 2015 and is responsible for all collections and the brand's global image.

Speaking at the Vogue Festival in London on Sunday (22May16), Michele explained that he aims to bring a sense of nostalgia and darkness to the garments.

"Sometimes I think it's kind of a creepy aesthetic - a beauty that is sweet but very deep, it's something that you can recognise from the past but something you are dreaming about," he said, according to Britain's Vogue. "When you are in touch with something beautiful you feel that something is ending and something new is beginning."

Michele, who is known for his ability to imbue modern streetwear with Renaissance and '70s disco references, also spoke about his design process and noted he always starts his collection with a story in mind.

"I'm obsessed with trompe l'oeil (optical illusions) - the idea of something that is existing and is not existing," he added. "I become mad when I work. It's like a fever that grows; I don't need to choose just one thing. The team work from a story - a book, an exhibition, the Internet - it's like a movie."

The former Fendi accessories designer, who counts actresses Dakota Johnson and Nicole Kidman amongst his fans, also believes that fashion shouldn't be taken too seriously and insists on imbuing an element of fun into everything he makes.

Michele would also like to see more men break the rules when it comes to style and whenever he has to wear or design a suit, he always likes to "add something crazy" to put his own sartorial signature on an ensemble.

"For me, fashion is something that makes you feel alive, that expresses something of you: if you are sad, if you are happy," he smiled.

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