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Alessandro Michele fascinated by men's fashion

Alessandro Michele fascinated by men's fashion

Alessandro Michele sees a man's wardrobe as a "ritual".

The Gucci creative director has just unveiled the brand's latest 2017 men's 87-piece Cruise collection, featuring items like colourful embroidered jeans and kangaroo fur-lined slippers. Michele enjoyed mixing things up, all the while focusing on a tradition he sees in this particular area of fashion.

"The men’s wardrobe is like a ritual and I am fascinated by it and its codes," he told "The codes are not to be cancelled, they have to be reinvented and repositioned in a different fresco. There is the part of formalwear which I consider like the father of all the different styles. There are some punk pieces which are the most romantic part of the collection. When you are punk you are romantic, because you want to break the rules. And then there is the preppy/street part which recalls college-wear and is thought for more relaxed moments."

He added that each of these styles has its own code, which he enjoyed "confusing" and putting his twist on. The designer aimed the range at men who are in love with their closet and enjoy wearing different things, or putting their own stamp on formalwear.

"Every item or detail is precious, refined, nothing is left to chance," he added.

With such an immaculate finish to each piece it's clear to see Michele went the extra mile to make his clothes stand out from the masses. There's a quintessentially English vibe to some of the garments too, such as a black V-neck sweater with white and gold detailing and a tartan navy suit with red and green cheques. A sense of geek-chic is also present thanks to button-up shirts, knitted vests and a mustard-coloured turtleneck.

It's unsure whether Michele has used the same inspiration for his women's line, which is due to debut on 2 June (16).

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