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Alessandra Ambrosio's shyness stops her from taking jobs

Alessandra Ambrosio's shyness stops her from taking jobs

Alessandra Ambrosio always regrets saying no to speaking engagements because of her shyness.

The Brazilian model is one of the world’s most recognisable fashion stars thanks to her work with Victoria’s Secret. She’s also posed for plenty of high fashion brands, including Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi, as well as walking for countless other labels.

She may be confident in front of the camera and on the catwalk, but Alessandra will always shy away from talking jobs.

“I’m very shy and I don’t really like talking in public. If anyone asks me to present something I’ll say no and regret it every time,” she sighed to Britain’s Grazia magazine. “I do yoga and mediate to try and make it better.”

That’s not to say Alessandra is shy away from work though, and she admits many things rile her. Top of the list is being papped, something she hates when out and about with her four-year-old son Noah. The 35-year-old is also mum to daughter Anja, seven, with partner Jamie Mazur.

“I was taking my son to school recently and there were photographers taking pictures of me. That’s not fun but I can’t react because otherwise that gets written about,” she said.

She also wishes she could rid the world of pictures of her early days in modelling, which she calls “terrible”.

Alessandra has also had a few incidents at airports that have deeply annoyed her.

“Airline hypocrisy,” she moaned. “They can be as late as they want, but I once missed a flight because I was there one minute after they closed the door. They took ages getting my bags off and wouldn’t let me on. It’s unreal.”

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