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Alberta Ferretti gives Limited Edition line identity

Alberta Ferretti gives Limited Edition line identity

Alberta Ferretti has decided it's time to bring her Limited Edition line to the forefront.

The Italian designer is scheduled to put on her first ever runway show for her demi-couture Limited Edition collection as part of 2016's bi-annual Paris Couture Week. She'll be showing on 3 July (16), joining a line-up including the likes of Atelier Versace, Hermes and Vetements.

“I thought it was time to give a real identity to Limited Edition,” Ferretti told “When I started it in 2011, I only presented it once a year as a capsule created to meet the demand of my customers for both evening and cocktail attire.”

Rather than following normal haute couture proceedings, Ferretti's gorgeous demi-couture designs are actually available in small quantities rather than specially made. The event in July will take place at Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore in the French capital, at the designer's headquarters. There will be just 100 guests, making it an intimate occasion which she likens to inviting people to her home.

“Each year, it’s had a greater impact on the business," she said of the range. "In 2015, I started to present it seasonally, completing it with shoes and accessories. I think now is the time to do a fashion show.”

Vogue acquired a sketch of one of the show looks, which appeared to be a floor-length, sleeveless gown with feature detailing in black, blue and olive shades.

Last summer (15) Ferretti - who has been working in fashion since the late '60s - discussed what she believes people look for in her Limited Edition line.

"People are unique, that have more personality. It’s not couture, but it is a night line designed in that spirit,” she told

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