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Alber Elbaz: Style is now simple

Alber Elbaz: Style is now simple

Alber Elbaz is devastated that so many women only drink water for dinner.

The creative director of Lanvin wanted to do something special for the label's Spring/Summer 15 collection, as it celebrated the house's 125th anniversary. To help him feel inspired, Alber decided to look at what everyday women were up to - but he wasn't that happy with what he found.

"I started working by just sitting in cafés for a few weeks and looking at women, and – beside the fact that I saw that more and more women are having water for dinner, which I find so sad – I see that there is a new simplicity going on," he told's The Style Report.

"I asked myself, 'Is it about all or is it about nothing?' And this is what the collection is all about, so half of the show is going to be really about a new simplicity."

Alber has a routine he follows when it comes to working on a new season's offering. He takes a blank page and writes down as many words as he can think of, which helps him come up with a narrative.

Come show time he focuses on the lighting and the music, because it's all about ensuring the audience feels emotional while looking at the clothes.

On the whole, the designer's pieces mix masculine and feminine ideas. It's something he always thinks he'll be interested in, even though, when he first came to Lanvin in 2001, he was all about the dress.

"In this collection I did a lot with separates," he said of the latest offering. "I thought there is some sort of freedom that you give women when you introduce separates. They have the choice to decide what to wear and how to style it. It’s not about daywear or eveningwear, it’s not about winter or summer, it’s about separates that you can put together. I design for all women, not a type of woman."

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