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Alber Elbaz: No tech geek

Alber Elbaz: No tech geek

Alber Elbaz believes that "innovation doesn't always work".

The Israeli fashion designer has worked for Paris fashion house Lanvin since 2001. And during a chat at the Condé Nast International Luxury Conference he discussed whether computers will ever replace the creative mind of a fashion designer. The 53-year-old certainly hopes not, as he hasn't had the best experience with new fabrics.

"A year ago, we used a smart, breathing fabric. It cost double and the sewing machines destroyed it," he recalled. "The seamstresses used gloves because they couldn’t hold it. It took five days of work when it usually takes two. Innovation doesn’t always work. But it is important to be part of and continue innovation."

Alber went on to share a number of funny anecdotes about his issues with technology over the years. And despite being an icon in the fashion industry thanks to his creative mind, technology can make him feel pretty dim at times.

"You can’t buy a new phone if you don’t have a Ph.D. at Stanford or if you are not 16 and a half," he laughed. "The smarter the phone, the more stupid I feel. I would like a simple phone so I would feel smart.”

The star has to travel the world for his work, and even then he can't escape newfangled technology.

"Flying here, I was offered a ‘smart chair’ in first class, and the hostess said I would be able to navigate. Navigate? Just let the pilot take us there," he continued, mimicking how he couldn't reach the controls when lying down. "I couldn’t eat, although I was hungry [because he couldn’t move his seat]. I did what the chair wanted me to.”

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