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Alber Elbaz: 'Fashion is a marathon'

Alber Elbaz: 'Fashion is a marathon'

Alber Elbaz thinks of fashion as a race he’s running, without burning any calories.

The eccentric Moroccan-Israeli designer is one of the best loved names in fashion, but shocked the style world when he left his long-term post at Lanvin in late 2015.

Talking about his career and fashion in general to the students at Tsinghua University in China on Thursday (31Mar16), Elbaz was happy to share some pearls of wisdom.

“Fashion is a very long marathon where we run but don’t lose calories,” he laughed, according to WWD. “We work so hard and we have to prepare ourselves to learn how to do fashion and it’s not enough just because you’re famous.”

There were 300 students in attendance, as well as Vogue China editor in chief Angelica Cheung, who moderated the talk.

Elbaz was happy to chat about some of his famous friends and people he’s worked with, like Victoria Beckham and Emma Stone. With Oscar-nominated actress, he opened up about a time when he taught Emma about being herself with her fashion choices.

However alongside the light hearted anecdotes, Elbaz also revealed how weary he feels with certain aspects of fashion.

“I looked out in the industry and saw a beautiful fashion industry, but I saw a fashion industry that was a little bit tired, a little bit confused, a little bit anxious, a little bit in fear,” he sighed. “On the other hand, I saw the Apple boys and they look like the new James Bond. When I came out of this, I thought: how sad, what’s happened to fashion? How can technology take over the glamour of fashion?”

He added that the way forward is to mix “technology and the humanity and beauty of fashion”.

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