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Agyness Deyn talks fabulous fashion

Agyness Deyn talks fabulous fashion

Agyness Deyn is lusting after the Comme Des Garçons collection, which she dubs "fabulous".

The British beauty made a name for herself as a catwalk star, walking for the likes of Proenza Schouler, Saint Laurent and her close friend Henry Holland's label. She's also starred in countless campaigns and magazine editorials, and is now a fully-fledged actress too.

Despite pursuing Hollywood, fashion still courses through Agyness' veins.

"I think the collection Comme Des Garçons is fabulous," she enthused to Britain's Marie Claire magazine. "It reminds me of a cross between a Japanese and French old-fashioned school girl.

"The first expensive thing I bought when I got my first pay cheque was a Vivienne Westwood T-shirt with some boobs on it."

Despite her chosen career paths dictating that she needs to keep her slender figure in shape, Agyness isn't immune to indulging. This is especially true when it comes to a big night out, and with Christmas parties now in full swing, the 32-year-old has laid out her perfect hangover cure.

"I used to have a full English breakfast on a hangover, but now I think the best cure is just staying with other people who are also suffering, watching about 10 films, eating Haribo, biscuits and chocolate and drinking lots of tea," she smiled. "By the end of the day, you've cried and probably watched The Notebook at least three times."

She also goes all out at Christmas and previously admitted she misses the British turkey and trimmings tradition if she's abroad over the festive season.

"Sometimes I’ll be in New York or LA," she said. "They don’t really do the Christmas we have here. Last year I was like, ‘Where’s the turkey guys?!’ They have that for Thanksgiving but in my opinion you can’t have Christmas salmon! Obviously I miss the weather as well. It’s mad to have Christmas in the sunshine."

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