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Adwoa Aboah 'based her worth' on whether men found her attractive

Adwoa Aboah 'based her worth' on whether men found her attractive

Adwoa Aboah used to base her attractiveness on how many boys fancied her.

The British model and activist's striking looks have landed her jobs for brands including Dior, Gap and Versus Versace and formed her close friendships with designers including Coach creative director Stuart Vevers.

But as a teenager at boarding school Adwoa, 25, struggled to see her potential as her unique, appearance and mixed-race heritage didn’t conform to those around her.

“I looked a lot different to all the other girls: everyone was blonde and blue-eyed,” she recalled to Britain’s ES Magazine, admitting there was a certain way of being at the school, from how girls styled their hair to what shoes they wore.

“I felt very unattractive at that school. I based my worth on how many boys fancied me. And even though back in London my parents’ friends were like, ‘Oh your daughter’s so beautiful, would she like to model?’ that didn’t matter. It was the kids, and the boys, and the fact that I didn’t have blonde hair. That’s all that mattered to me.”

Adwoa has overcome various personal and health issues to get to where she is today; along with her low self-esteem the fashion star got caught up in drugs and drinking, eventually leading to her parents sending her to rehab.

Things got so bad that Adwoa overdosed twice, the second time of which – on 3 October 2015 – she deliberately tried to commit suicide.

“In a weird way it’s like a birthday for me. I like to remember where I was and where I am now,” the Gurls Talk founder said of the poignant date. “It’s not something I’m going to forget. I could have very easily not been here, so I feel like it’s respectful to remember.”

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