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Adriana Lima wants to be a centenarian

Adriana Lima wants to be a centenarian

Adriana Lima wants to live to over 100.

The Brazilian model recently hit her 35th birthday, but thanks to her toned body and smooth skin she still gives models much younger than herself a run for their money.

Adriana credits boxing with keeping her in such good shape, and advises everyone to find a sport they love, rather than just slaving away at the gym.

“I want longevity. I want to be over 100 years old, seriously,” she laughed to New York Magazine's The Cut. “When I first started out as a model, I knew I had to start young and take care of myself so I could keep my skin, body, as long as I can. So when I was 19, I started looking for an exercise I could do. I wasn’t a big fan of workouts at the time.

I knew I had to find something that I loved — that was the only way I could be happy with working out and going to the gym. I tried yoga, dancing, and aerobics… I didn’t find it until I found boxing. That’s the secret. There are so many different types of exercises, you just have to find your passion.”

Adriana still boxes, trying to fit in a session every day. She’ll also add in running to mix things up, as well as full body exercise burpees.

As for her biggest beauty tip, the Victoria's Secret star says never underestimate the power of sleep.

“I don’t go out every night partying. It’s so important to have beauty sleep,” she smiled. “I sleep in decadence — I just sleep with two drops of Divine Decadence (the Marc Jacobs scent Adriana fronts).”

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