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Adriana Lima: 'There's no magic pill, just get up and move'

Adriana Lima: 'There's no magic pill, just get up and move'

Adriana Lima knows there's no shortcut to looking great, but she does have a few hot tips that can have you looking as super as this model.

The Brazilian supermodel may have been born with a genetic advantage when it comes to her looks, but she doesn't rest on her laurels. The Victoria's Secret Angel shares her tips to looking great in summer's hottest look, the crop top, as she credits a consistent fitness routine, water and organic produce with helping to keep her in runway ready shape.

"Unfortunately, there is no magic pill - I actually have to put in hard work to stay fit," Adriana smiles in an interview with Vogue magazine.

The 35-year-old model revealed she mixes it up with a combination of the increasingly popular workout, boxing, at Michael Olajide, Jr.’s Aerospace gym, half-hour runs, cycling and she's recently started CrossFit classes. And these tips won't just work for a supermodel. She encourages people to find a friend to workout with, and "Just get up and move!"

The busy mother of two, finds keeping water close to hand not only helps to keep her skin looking great, but it also removes the urge for unhealthy snacking.

"I spend a lot of time in my car- going to the gym, running errands, and shuttling my kids around -where it’s easy to go through a drive-through or pick up chips and candy from the gas station," Adriana explains. "I keep a small cooler filled with water and some sliced fresh fruit in my car to grab, instead."

In 2012, Adriana famously opened the Victoria's Secret runway show for the fifth time less than two months after giving birth to her second child, daughter Sienna. So clearly, she knows a thing or two about getting in shape, especially if you're planning to show some skin this summer.

Her go to breakfast is an early morning smoothie, made with fresh organic produce, as it's a good way to boost energy and kick-start the metabolism into that fat-burning mode. "My favourite morning smoothie is a very simple water-based avocado and honey blend," she shared.

And while doing all the above will certainly help you achieve your goals, the brunette beauty recommends using a moisturising body cream or oil along the core and obliques to complement a crop top.

"Drinking water will help you glow, but when I wear clothes that show off some skin, I like to use lotion or body oil with shimmer to keep it silky and smooth," she said.

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