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Adriana Lima: The heavier the mascara, the better

Adriana Lima: The heavier the mascara, the better

Model Adriana Lima is a fan of heavy mascara.

The 34-year-old beauty often dolls up for the cameras, working for the likes of Donna Karan and Victoria's Secret. Even when she isn't on the job Adriana likes to rock a bold eye, as she finds it enhances her bright blue peepers.

“I never take it off,” she grinned to of her mascara habits. “I just keep piling it on every day. I love it heavy.”

She isn't the only fashion star who favours dark eye make-up. While Joan Smalls makes sure to keep her skin clear during her down time by using cleanser, she deliberately leaves remnants of her eye make-up.

“I’ll blend it in - I love how it gets in between the lashes," she added of her morning routine.

The website asked several supermodels about their ways of rocking smoky eyes, with each sharing different methods. Irina Shayk for example, who is currently loved up with Hollywood hunk Bradley Cooper, channels her rebellious side through her cosmetics.

“[For] my job, you have to look perfect: perfect body, perfect hair, perfect face,” she explained. “So sometimes I love imperfect looks.”

And if anyone is the queen of smudged eyeliner, it's Edie Campbell. The 24-year-old boasts a porcelain complexion and is often mixing up her hair, rocking everything from a brown bob to black waves.

In fact she's so keen on creating an edgy look, Edie admits she sleeps in her eye make-up. This approach works especially well with her jet-setting job.

“For the eyes it’s fine,” Edie insisted of snoozing with mascara and eye products still on. “For foundation it’s not.”

For the star, it helps create the “fossilised, Paleolithic make-up" look she longs for.

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