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Adriana Lima shares how to nail her signature 'sexy eye' pose

Adriana Lima shares how to nail her signature 'sexy eye' pose

Adriana Lima has shared the secret behind her signature smoulder.

The Brazilian model is known for her sexy style, having been a Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2000 and acting as a brand ambassador for Maybelline cosmetics.

And for those wanting to emulate Adriana’s look when posing, the 35-year-old reveals her top tips.

“I kind of tilt my head down like this and then I look up like that with the eyes,” she said while demonstrating the look in a video for PeopleStyle.

According to the model, the pose is something she started doing as a child as a way to revolt against her mother when she would get in trouble. But now the look serves a very different purpose in her work life.

“It’s funny because I used to do (it) when I was young,” she explained. “Every time I would be upset and my mom would say, don’t do this or whatever, I would go like this. I never thought that I would use that to be, like, sexy!”

The mother-of-two also fronts the campaign imagery for Marc Jacobs’ Divine Decadence perfume, and has just been revealed as the face of Victoria Secret's new Intense fragrance collection.

And Adriana, who split with her husband Marko Jaric, after five years together in 2014, adds that she’s in a very good place in her career and feels sexier than ever.

“I love every stage of my life, every age that I’ve been has the moments and I would not change,” she smiled. “I am happy at being 35 right now and proud to say I feel more beautiful than ever.”

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