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Adriana Lima: 'Please can someone buy me chocolates this Valentine's!'

Adriana Lima: 'Please can someone buy me chocolates this Valentine's!'

Adriana Lima thinks the worst thing on Valentine's Day (14Feb16) would be not receiving a gift.

The 34-year-old model is believed to be single after splitting from her husband Marko Jaric in May 2014 following five years of marriage. She isn't one to sit and wallow on Valentine's Day(14Feb16), however, as Adriana will be marking the romantic occasion alongside her six-year-old daughter Valentina and three-year-old Sienna.

"I will be celebrating with two special people – my daughters, Valentina and Sienna," she told the Evening Standard.

While Adriana has no significant other at the moment, she is still hoping she might be gifted with some sweet treats on 14 February.

She admitted the worst thing ever on Valentine's would be to not be given anything at all.

"I think not receiving a gift would be the worst thing," she added. "I would appreciate even a box of chocolates, but do something!"

Adriana is no stranger to stripping off, as she has been a model for Victoria's Secret since 2000. So she knows the importance of splashing out on some sexy lingerie, even if she's the only one who knows she's wearing it.

"The most important part is feeling sexy underneath your clothes," she said when asked to name her perfect outfit for a romantic restaurant date. "For this, wearing something like the new Very Sexy Flirt Demi Bra and matching panty."

While Victoria's Secret offers a variety of underwear options in a bright colour palette, Adriana is all about keeping things simple and classic.

Asked about her favourite lingerie style, she replied: "Something black and lacy."

Adriana rarely looks anything but flawless, even on her days off. She credits Old Hollywood stars as her style icons, and she takes inspiration from a classic and elegant wardrobe.

"I’d have to say Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe," Adriana said of her fashion icons.

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