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Adriana Lima mixes avocado with her conditioner

Adriana Lima mixes avocado with her conditioner

Adriana Lima mixes avocado with her conditioner for "super shiny" hair.

The 35-year-old Brazilian supermodel - who signed to Elite Model Management in 1999 after winning Ford's Supermodel of Brazil beauty contest aged 15 - has admitted she "likes" to mix the fruit with the hair product for a deeper condition, although she only uses the concoction on her brunette tresses "just" once a week.

Speaking about her beauty hacks, the catwalk icon - who has graced the runway for lingerie giant Victoria's Secret, Prada and Louis Vuitton - said: "I like to mix my conditioner with one whole avocado. So my hair is like super shiny. Just on my hair. Just once a week."

And the mother of two - who has six-year-old daughter Valentina and three-year-old Sienna with her husband Marko Jarić - has admitted she regularly has a hair wrap, which is a traditional hair treatment in her home country.

She explained: "In Brazil we do a lot of hair wraps. You wrap your hair around your head with bobby pins. You can do the hair when you sleep and then take it out in the morning. Every Brazilian knows how to do it. Just when it's needed, I do it. Of if I have a nice dinner with my friends, or just because."

And Adriana has revealed she follows a simple daily beauty regime as well, which sees her source organic skincare products from a beautician in Paris who tailors the products to suit her skin.

Speaking to Elle she said: "I wake up, and I put sunscreen ... so I do not have a lot on my skin. But I like to use products from my facial guy that I go to in Paris. His name is Herve Herau and I like to use his facial cleanser. There is a serum and a light lotion for the day. And everything that he makes, he makes himself, and is organic. I carry his products and just do all of it to myself in the morning. He is a different type of facialist. When you go in it's not like there is a menu, he builds everything for you, for your skin."