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Adriana Lima isn't afraid to 'kick butt' at the gym

Adriana Lima isn't afraid to 'kick butt' at the gym

Adriana Lima loves to workout at the gym and knows she can "kick butt" if necessary.

The Brazilian model rose to international prominence as a Victoria's Secret Angel, showing off her endless limbs and lithe figure in ensembles for the American lingerie company's famed campaigns and runway shows. Now Adriana has revealed the key to her enviable silhouette is regular exercise sessions, which include a variety of different activities, such as boxing.

"Boxing - it’s my passion. (I’ve been doing it for) over 10 years," she told "I wanted to live long, and I knew that (ever) since I was young, I needed to take care of myself, so I started trying different types of workouts. I wasn’t sure which one - I tried everything until I found boxing, and I fell in love with exercise because it’s always new... I can kick some butts if I want to."

The 35-year-old also believes hitting the gym not only keeps her fit and toned, but also helps keep her hair in top condition. She feels getting the blood flowing helps to activate circulation, which makes her brunette tresses grow faster.

Keeping photo-ready is important to the mother-of-two, who is currently the face of Marc Jacobs' sultry new fragrance Divine Decadence, though juggling caring for her young daughters with work commitments means she doesn't have much time to dedicate to getting ready each day.

"I’m super fast at getting ready, especially with children. Like, 30 minutes, I’m done to go out. If I am not going out, I only need 10, 15, or less. Super fast!" she smiled, adding that she sticks to her signature look of red lipstick and darkened eyelashes, and likes to use Maybelline's The Falsies mascara.

"I like the lashes thick - I love it," she explained.

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