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Adriana Lima is fighting fit for her 16th Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Adriana Lima is fighting fit for her 16th Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Supermodel Adriana Lima is making sure she's fighting fit for the upcoming Victoria's Secret Fashion Show by hitting the boxing gym.

In a new YouTube video showing the Brazilian stunner throwing punches in the ring, the star admits to the camera that fight training not only gets her in shape for big runway appearances, it helps her cope with nerves.

"The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show gets bigger, and more and more countries are watching the show all over the place," Adriana explains. "You're not going to be wearing much and you want to look your best in there... I get nervous and anxious... I'm shaking and sweating, I'm yawning (in the ring)."

The 35-year-old mother-of-two has hit the catwalk for the lingerie brand for 15 years, and she's hoping for another five before hanging up her wings.

But no matter what the occasion, you'll always find Adriana exercising - even when there isn't an event in the pipeline.

"Well I really love to work out and boxing definitely is my thing, I started when I was 19 so it’s just a passion that I have," she smiled. "And regardless of the show I am at the gym as much as I can."

She isn't the only Victoria's Secret star who favours boxing; newcomer Gigi Hadid and Candice Swanepoel are also big fans of the sport to keep in shape.

The 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will be recorded in Paris for the first time on 30 November (16). It will then air around the world in December (16).

Lady Gaga and The Weeknd are among the music stars performing at this year's catwalk spectacular.

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