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Adriana Lima gives fans makeover

Adriana Lima gives fans makeover

Adriana Lima surprised fans at a Victoria's Secrets event.

The brunette model, who poses in campaigns and walks in the annual show for the underwear brand, was on hand to help celebrate 'Bombshell Day' recently.

Adriana, along with the store, gave fans a special make-over treat before surprising them as they posed for cameras.

"Today is the very first Bombshell Day. We are surprising the fans, they are outside right now having bombshell makeover," Adriana said in a behind the scenes video.

The camera then cuts to a women having a bombshell day, with each explaining what bombshell meant to them.

"It's to embrace beauty," said one girl as she sat in the make-up chair.

"VS models' radiate confidence and are all bombshells," another added.

One by one they then stood in front of a camera to have their photo taken, with Adriana popping out from behind and asking them if they needed any help. Some fans were reduced to tears, while other jumped for joy.

They then got to walk the runway with the Brazilian beauty, and she shared her top catwalk tips with them.

"When I get to walk with you I feel like I look like I know what I'm doing even if I don't," one wannabe model laughed.

"You're doing great!" Adriana encouraged.

At the end Adriana posed for photos with the girls.

"I'm still shaking a little bit, I'm a bit star struck I guess," a fan smiled.

"Now you know how it feels to be a bombshell," Adriana told the camera.

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