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Adidas remixes '90s Kate Moss for sneaker relaunch

Adidas remixes '90s Kate Moss for sneaker relaunch

Adidas has partnered with Kate Moss to launch its re-issued Gazelle sneakers.

The German sportswear brand is about to unveil its updated Gazelles, which are based on an early '90s version of the classic suede sneakers. Hoping to spark a major footwear trend, Adidas has worked with the British supermodel and digital artist Doug Abraham on the campaign, with one of the marketing images using an archive image of Kate wearing her Gazelles back in 1993.

Adidas brand consultant and curator Gary Aspden says using Kate in the campaign imagery was a natural choice because her look remains so relevant.

"Like the Gazelle, Kate Moss is just as relevant in 2016 as she was back in the 1990s, which is why the image works so well," he told Business of Fashion. "Kate told me earlier this year that when it comes to trainers she has always been an 'Adidas girl,' so there was an affinity and an existing synergy there."

Meanwhile, Nic Galway, vice president of global design at Adidas Originals, hopes the Gazelle re-launch will see the same level of interest as the recent re-issues of the Stan Smith and the Superstar sneakers. He describes the original Gazelle as very slim and European, while the 1993 version was a bit bulkier and "really iconic". The Gazelle was first launched by Adidas in the 1960s and over the years has been adopted by a wide range of style crowds, from Britpop to the Grunge scene.

Accordingly, Nic says that Adidas loves the way that every generation has taken the Gazelle and made it their own. But he insists that the new campaign isn't about traditional advertising and is more about creating content and working within culture itself.

"We’ve always had a very natural link to culture. We didn’t plan for so many people to wear our sneakers, but whoever was wearing our product, it was always their own choice. We don’t tell people how to wear something. The culture decides how it will be," he shared.

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