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Adam Lippes promotes comfortable fashion

Adam Lippes promotes comfortable fashion

Adam Lippes insists women don't have to look "sloppy" to feel comfortable.

The American designer began his career in fashion working at Polo Ralph Lauren, then moved to Oscar de la Renta before launching his eponymous label in 2004. His chic, simple pieces have won him famous fans like Blake Lively and Kelly Rowland, and Adam puts his popularity down to his approach to style.

“I don’t make costumes, I make clothes,” he told “I really want to make pieces a woman can buy and have in her wardrobe - and keep in her wardrobe - and will really go to these pieces again and again and again.

“There is a trend for women, and I can understand it because men have been doing it for a long time, to want to be comfortable and not constricted. And you don’t have to be sloppy to do that. You can still be dressed up and still be comfortable and live your life.”

The star approaches fashion with a "small f, not a big F", using top quality fabrics to create his wearable garments, like oversized coats and tailored trousers. For Adam, he feels using high end material means people will wear his collections for longer.

“They ask me what I’m doing for sustainability,” he said of how eco-friendly he is. “And I will look at them and ask, ‘What are you wearing?'

“So I ask, when did you buy it? And how many do you have? And when will you stop wearing it?. And I say, I don’t make clothes that you throw away. That’s what I do for sustainability. And we have lost sight of that.”

Adam relies on American manufacturers and is responsible in sourcing his textiles, insisting his approach to the business is one that is "logical and conscious".

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