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Irish actor doing wheely well gets slick new car


TAKE a look at the amazing car Irish actor Kevin Ryan has snapped up.

The Dubliner is now the owner of most young male driver’s biggest car fantasy – an Aston Martin.

The gorgeous sports car – made famous in the James Bond movies - costs at least E250,000 on the Irish market.

“Dreams come true,” Kevin (31) said last night. “It’s an amazing car.”

The actor is currently living in London, where he has just completed filming of a new TV biopic called Guilt, which has just aired on the Freedom TV channel and will be later screened on British and Irish stations.

Kevin’s new drama is loosely based on the famous Amanda Knox case.

Kevin in the show 'Guilt'

‘Foxy Knoxy’ was locked up in an Italian jail for four years for the murder of Londoner Meredith Kercher, one of the women who shared her apartment in Perugia.

The hour long programme is about a young American woman in London who becomes the prime suspect in the savage murder of her roommate.

Kevin plays Belfast man Patrick, whose sister Molly is the victim.

“There are a lot of unanswered questions with the case as we all know, and I go over on this independent rogue mission on a motorbike with a sawn-off shotgun trying to find out, the hard way, who actually killed my sister,” he explains.

“It’s a one hour drama series, but potentially if it goes well we’ll be going on for five, maybe seven years.”

The Syndicate star Daisy Head portrays Grace, who becomes the suspect in her friend’s murder, while Titanic star Billy Zane plays her lawyer.

Seattle-born Knox had raised the alarm when she found Meredith’s body after returning from spending the night with her boyfriend Rafaele Sollecito.

Knox was initially found guilty but she was freed in 2011 and on March 27 exonerated by Italy’s highest court.

Kevin Ryan, who hails from Ballinteer, is best known for his roles in Raw (as barman Chris), Copper (which ran for two seasons on BBC America and was shown on RTE) and Crossbones (which also starred John Malkovich). He also had a small part in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Former dancer turned actor Kevin married actress Dedee Pfeiffer, younger sister of Hollywood star Michelle, in 2009 but they divorced four years ago.

Last year he was dating hot Ukrainian born Karina Smirnoff.

The 35-year-old is a professional dancer on America’s Dancing With The Stars show and previously went out with hunky US TV presenter and actor Mario Lopez.

She also went out with fellow Dancing With The Stars pro Maksim Chmerkovskiv as well as Detroit Tigers pitcher Brad Penny.