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David Bowie's death was an 'artistic event'

David Bowie's death was an 'artistic event'

David Bowie made his death an 'artistic event'.

The music icon died on January 10, following an 18-month secret battle with liver cancer, leaving his family, friends and music lovers all over the world in a state of shock.

Three days prior to his passing Bowie unveiled his 25th studio album, 'Blackstar', which contains several songs dealing with themes of mortality and producer Tony Visconti has confirmed he made the record as a 'parting gift' for his fans and wanted his death to be a 'work of art'.

Showbiz expert and BANG Showbiz owner Rick Sky - who interviewed Bowie on several occasions throughout his career - echoes Visconti's sentiment and has heralded his final album as the ultimate expression of his artistic integrity.

Sky said: 'What an amazing farewell - I wouldn't be surprised if Bowie had planned this to managed to make his death an artistic 'event'. For his passing to come just two days after he celebrated his 69th birthday and released his final album 'Blackstar' is extraordinary.'