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Youthful brow boost

Youthful brow boost

The days of transformative plastic surgery are over, with most women preferring subtle tweaks to obvious alterations.

Understated procedures continue to prove popular and brow lifts – also known as browplasty - are on the increase. These seemingly insignificant strips of hair have a huge impact on the symmetry of our face and eyebrows can subtract years from our appearance.

“Everyone ages differently, our face shapes are different and a lot depends on the quality of our skin,” consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS council member Muhammad Riaz told Cover Media. “There are changes to people’s facial aesthetic over time, it’s a natural part of ageing. Some people have slightly low lying brows and it’s not as aesthetically pleasing. The space between eyebrows and upper eyelashes is more attractive to the eye if it’s bigger.”

The interest in browplasty highlights a more cautious attitude towards cosmetic surgery. Once-popular boob jobs and all-over body tucks have been replaced by discreet tweaks to the face in the battle to look younger.

“We can do a number of things to treat the brow area,” Riaz explained. “A forehead lift will reduce wrinkles from the head, but this is less common because of non-surgical treatments like Botox. We can also do a temple lift to raise the outer part of the eyebrows to create a more pleasing look. The other option is browplasty which elevates drooping eyebrows.

“People usually start coming for this issue in their mid to late 30s, this is true of both men and women. Many people come to have their upper eyelids done then have their brows done as well, to get better results. It is very rare that someone comes just for the isolated case of brows.”

Surgery, no matter how subtle, isn’t for everyone. There are other ways to maintain the brow area, some of which are more cost effective.

Suman Jalaf, celebrity brow and lash expert at Errol Douglas’ salon in Knightsbridge, London, has plenty of alternative treatments.

“Brows are a big age give-away,” Suman told Cover Media. “Thicker, darker brows look more youthful. There are many options to consider, including having Botox on the frown line, as this is very common and effective for a brow lift.

“For that lifted eyebrow look I like to remove the tail end of the brows, as this gives the skin that tight lifted look. I’m not keen on long tails as I think it makes the eyes look droopy.”

Suman analyses her client’s face shape before deciding on a treatment. Along with brow re-shaping, she offers fillers – also known as brow extensions - to create the illusion of youthful eyebrows.

“The 'fillers' are added to create an arch and usually on the tail end of the brow but going straight off the eye level,” Suman revealed. “Fillers are also added in the beginning of the brow, where most eyebrows are prone to gaps.”

If salon solutions are also out of your price range, have a go at filling out your own brows. Use a pencil or gel in a shade that matches your hair colour to cover up any patchy areas. Avoid over-plucking to ensure your brows look youthful and healthy.

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