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Wrinkle worsening habits

Wrinkle worsening habits

Could your bad habits be causing your wrinkles to worsen?

Lines and creases on our complexions is a beauty problem that affects us all at some stage. While many people splash out a small fortune on lotions and potions to slow down the hands of time, there are plenty of other ways to maintain a smooth face. Jill Zander, founder of the Jill Zander Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, talks to Cover Media about the most common mistakes people make when it comes to wrinkles.

Tugging at eyes:

Next time you apply eyeliner or eyeshadow take note of how you’re handling the skin around the socket. Being too harsh or heavy-handed can lead to unwanted lines!

“Pulling the eye area to perfect that flick can result in puffiness, broken blood vessels and wrinkles,” Jill explained. “Make sure you use an eyeliner that gently glides across the eyelid and doesn’t drag the skin.” 

Sleeping position:

Anyone who likes to doze off each night on their stomachs won’t like this next tip, but facing upwards is much better for your complexion.

“Sleeping on your back is the best way to prevent sleep-induced wrinkles. If you do sleep on your front, invest in a satin pillowcase which doesn’t wrinkle and leave lines on the face,” Jill said. “Also remember that healthy sleeping habits reduce inflammation throughout the body and help cells turnover and regenerate.”

Be patient

Jill says it can take at least a month for a new skincare product to make a difference. She recommends sticking with the same anti-ageing cream for three months unless it’s damaging your skin. It’s also important to maintain a sensible regime to keep skin looking healthy.

“Your skin care routine should always include an exfoliating cleanser, retinol, antioxidant serum, hyaluronic acid serum and a good SPF,” she advised.

Don’t skip the sunscreen

It’s something we hear all the time; protect your skin against sun damage. If you still leave the house without sun lotion then maybe the worry of wrinkles will help you change your mind.

“Applying SPF every day come rain or shine is crucial,” Jill warned. “The majority of skin ageing comes from unprotected skin exposure, so by not wearing sunscreen every day you’re actually accelerating the process. There are lots of light, sheer SPFs specifically designed for the face that sit nicely under make-up, so there is no excuse!”

Healthy lifestyle = happy skin

Other wrinkle-inducing habits include eating too much sugar, smoking cigarettes and drinking too much alcohol. Try skipping sweet treats as sugar can leave skin looking dull, wrinkled and cause sagging.

“Smoking starves skin of the oxygen it needs to replenish and appear vibrant. This is a common cause of wrinkles as it speeds up the normal ageing process of the skin,” Jill said. “Drinking alcohol disrupts skin on several levels. Firstly, it depletes the body’s vitamin A levels, which act as a powerful antioxidant to produce collagen. Secondly, over time, drinking alcohol can cause bloated blood vessels that reduce skin elasticity. Thirdly, alcohol also dehydrates the skin making it look less plump and appear older than it really is.”

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