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Why water is your beauty best friend

Why water is your beauty best friend

Your body is made up of between 55 and 75 per cent water - so what could be more important than making sure you are getting enough H2O? Well, according to recent research from sparkling water maker SodaStream, people are ditching water in favour of caffeinated drinks and even alcohol. So if you're guilty of not getting the recommended two litres per day, read on to find out how drinking enough water could boost your beauty.


Want to know the secret to skin that looks plump, youthful and wrinkle free? It's called the fountain of youth and it's brimming with water. When your skin is properly hydrated it won't dry out, meaning it glows and has that plump quality associated with youth. Water is also a massive stress reliever, with the sound of running water known to calm people. You're more likely to suffer breakouts when stressed, so that's another way water benefits your complexion!


Anyone who works out will know how important it is to rehydrate after a gym session. But water doesn't just refresh you after exercise - it also helps you reap the rewards of all that hard work you're putting in. Water makes for healthy muscle, carrying the oxygen to cells that build muscle tissue. Your muscles will become stronger as a consequence - hello abs!

Toned skin is another benefit, with water flushing out all those nasty toxins. The body naturally fills cells with water, making them toned and tight. Time to say goodbye to flab and cellulite.

Water is also great for anyone on a diet. Often we mistake thirst for hunger, so if your stomach is rumbling despite having had all its meals, try a large glass of water before you reach for a snack. It's also great to replace sugary, fizzy drinks with pure, simple H2O. Just think of all the calories you'll save.


Frizzy and brittle hair is a sign that your strands are dry. Rather than slathering on expensive products, up your water intake. In the same way skin cells benefit, the ones in your hair are nourished by water too. You'll notice your locks become much thicker and glossier.

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