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Why make-up schools rule

Why make-up schools rule

The end is not nigh for make-up schools says cosmetics guru David Horne.

The make-up maestro is behind London beauty school House of GlamDolls, alongside Chinyee Chu, where he provides trainers for beginners, make-up artists and bloggers.

In a world where the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner dictate beauty trends, YouTube has exploded with do it yourself make-up guides and tutorials. While it can be fun to get some online tips, David doesn’t think it spells the end of make-up schools altogether.

“I was recently asked about make-up schools, do you think the end is nigh because of online make-up schools? And I don't think they work, how can you work make-up online? It's a tactile sport,” he mused to Cover Media.

For David, achieving the perfect beauty look boils down to the individual’s own face. This means a one size fits all logic can’t be applied when it comes to make-up, so a YouTube guide won’t suit everyone who watches it.

“I want to see a return to the training of the principles of make-up; not just make-up looks. What does and doesn't work and why. And pattern cutting. Pattern cutting of make-up is looking at your face, at your bone structure and understand what your face can and can't do before you start putting yourself in corners,” he explained. “For your self esteem, when you know what you can and can't do you're better prepared to set yourself up for success.”

As well as his work with House of GlamDolls, David is the man behind some of Illamasqua’s most sought after products; Skin Base, Skin Base Lift, Hydra Veil and Matte Veil.

As for his future career David is adamant: “I don't want to do online, I want to do roots level.”

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