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Why exercise will boost your complexion

Why exercise will boost your complexion

Exercise is a super important part of a healthy lifestyle; it not only keeps you fit but busts stress and floods you with feel-good hormones. But while there are many benefits to your skin, it can also cause breakouts. Because we don't want you throwing in the (sweaty) towel on your spin class quite yet, we explain how exercise works magic for your complexion and even your hair.

First off, anything that boosts circulation is a godsend for your skin. All that pumping blood nourishes the skin's cells and provides them with oxygen, while also flushing cellular debris out of the system.

Speaking of flushing out, all that sweat also cleanses your pores, bringing any grime of the day to the surface, ready to be washed away.

Unlike expensive creams that take ages to work their magic, a session at the gym will give you instant results. That post-workout glow just can't be beaten and best of all: it's completely natural!

Anyone worried about wrinkles should also be heading straight for that treadmill. Exercise supports the production of collagen, the most important thing for supple, plump and youthful skin.

Working out can also be great for acne, but sufferers need to be a little more careful. Use gentle face wipes to remove any make-up first, as sweat and leftover foundation is likely to clog pores and cause even more breakouts.

If complexion boosting wasn't enough, working out also means happy hair. You can thank the improved blood flow again, which goes straight to the scalp and makes your locks stronger and healthier. Stress can also cause hair to fall out, so the endorphins you experience after the gym won't just make you feel less anxious, they could also ensure you have a full head of hair.

To get the full benefit of your gym sessions, be savvy: take your make-up off before working out and wash your face thoroughly afterwards. Don't forget to have a thorough shower too, as spots could also pop up on your body. Keep hair out of your face with a cotton-covered elastic that won't snag and don't tie your ponytail too tightly to avoid breakage.

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