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Why cleansing brushes are here to stay

Why cleansing brushes are here to stay

Nowadays you can get at-home machines to bust wrinkles and give salon-like facials, but after they've been used a couple of times they tend to get relegated to the back of the cupboard. One tool which has kept its place on many beauty shelves is the cleansing brush, with claims these are the best way to give your face a deep clean.

"Traditional sonic cleansers use vibration technology to effectively clean the skin deep down within the pores, to rid the skin of any nasty bacteria that blogs pores and causes spots. They remove up to six times more dirt and grime than manual cleansing and leave the skin looking brighter and smooth," Ideal World Beauty Expert Sharon Hilditch MBE told Cover Media.

Sceptics often query how a brush can be that different to using a good cleanser, or even wipes. According to Sharon, using sonic machines will ensure your skin gets a deep clean, meaning your pores won't hold on to the sort of grime which can block them and cause outbreaks.

“A face wash, cleanser, or even cleansing wipes can be effective at removing dirt, but they only work with the top layer of the skin. Effective sonic cleansers work to stimulate the skin as well as deeply cleansing the pores - leaving you with a far deeper clean and brighter complexion," she added.

There are tones of versions of these machines too, ranging from the iconic Clarisonic to Clinique's Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush. Many offer a variety of heads so even if you have sensitive skin you can give one a whirl, plus there's a new generation coming up that takes skincare a step further.

The new Crystal Clear Ionic Sonic Cleanse available at Ideal World uses the vibration of the brush along with negative ion charge, which helps polish and buff your skin for an at-home microdermabrasion effect.

"Your sonic cleanse should be used every day as part of your daily cleansing routine – this way your skin will get the maximum benefit of deep cleansing and encouraging fresh skin cells to develop revealing a brighter and clearer complexion," Sharon said.

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