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Want to look like Gigi Hadid? Try hair strobing!

Want to look like Gigi Hadid? Try hair strobing!

What do Gigi Hadid, Perrie Edwards and Suki Waterhouse have in common? Well apart from being three of the world’s most beautiful women, they are also pioneers for one of the hottest new hair trends – strobing.

“Hair strobing is a subtle but fun and effective colouring technique that helps to frame the face, emphasise facial features, enhance your natural skin tone and add body to the hair,” Jonathan Long, co-founder of Lockonego, explained to Cover Media.

Highlights are applied to the hair where the sun naturally falls. But before you go reaching for the Sun-In, think again… this technique is tricky and best left to a professional.

“We would always recommend visiting your salon, not only will they be able to ensure that the right tones are put through the hair, they will make sure the colour is worked through tresses in a way that will deliver the right look,” Jonathan continued. “Our colourists always take into account a client’s natural hair colour, skin tone and factors such as the season when strobing. During the summer months the technique can more dramatic as hair naturally lightens but during the winter we tend to opt for a more subtle, toned down look.”

In very basic terms, hair strobing is like contouring for the locks. It’s not limited to just one hair type either, as blondes, brunettes and even raven-haired beauties can all experiment with the look.

Gillian Anderson’s colourist Jack Howard, from Paul Edmonds, knows how effective strobing can be.

“Lightening the hair around the eyes gives the features a little pop and appears to lift the cheekbones; it’s for all hair colours and people who want a low maintenance look,” he told Cover Media. “Really, adding in darker pieces on a brunette can make the overall look lighter but still be brunette brown on brown. As with contouring, hair strobing highlights where light would naturally hit the face, drawing attention to the best features."

As strobing becomes increasingly popular, most salons will offer it as a service. But if your colourist isn’t quite sure of what to do, Mark Woolley, Creative Director & Founder of Electric, explains the process in three simple steps.

"Firstly, your stylist will take larger pieces of hair that you would see with either highlights or a balayage and begin to add some sections of colour that are one or two shades darker than the colour they began with", he said.

"Next, they will lighten the hair to two shades lighter with thicker pieced highlights that balayage into a slightly bolder lightness towards the ends. This will accentuate any shape created if the hair is waved or where it hits the shoulders and chest when it is straight.

"To finish off, your stylist will tone the hair and then check where the light is hitting the hair and subtly begin to increase the lightness to those areas."

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