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Use fingers for foundation, says make-up pro

Use fingers for foundation, says make-up pro

Want to speed up your foundation application? Use your fingers say GOSH make-up artist Pernille Buhl.

Some favour a sponge, others a brush, but Pernille says it's actually our fingers that have the best effect on face make-up.

"Fingers, because when you add something to your skin your skin has a temperature and you need the product to be that temperature to really combine with the skin," she told Cover Media.

"The process is faster if you use your fingers, because you need to warm it up eventually. It's easier to see where you need coverage if you just massage it in with your fingers. Then you can use a brush for extra coverage where you want, because it's going to cover more when you use a brush. You can drag it out, pull it out, with your fingers."

Anyone thinking about applying layer upon layer of foundation: stop right now! Dewy skin is still all the rage, and scaling back on foundation doesn't mean less than beautiful skin or a glowing complexion.

"I do skin with the minimal amount of product as possible because I like the skin to be alive and natural and dewy. The completely matte, painted, look, no. It doesn't work. For me, it's completely out of fashion now," she said.

Foundation has also evolved. bareMinerals' powder foundation and MAC's new Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation are two excellent choices for the lightweight, but still covered look.

GOSH has also come up with a revolutionary product; Foundation Drops.

"That's exactly what the GOSH Foundation Drops can do, because they're oil based so they don't have any water in it. It's argan oil and you can build it up, so if you want a lot of coverage, fine, you can keep adding on. But if you want it really natural and just really moisturised, you can add just a little bit to have a little colour. But you just get the moisture. You need to look at the skin and see what it needs," Pernille advised.

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