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Unbelievable oils

Unbelievable oils

No matter how often people hear that oils are great for skin, not everyone can get on board with them. It's rare to find a woman who's looking to make her face look shinier after all. But if you're shunning oils for fear of looking greasy you might actually be missing a trick.

John Hamilton is a Cosmetology Dermatologist and anti-ageing expert and believes natural oils are the best way to care for skin.

"Oils have a number of properties, depending on how they are mixed," he told Cover Media.

"On the surface level they reinforce the fatty acid film on top of the skin, the protective barrier. Vital oils can also neutralise most powerful free radicals, the main one being UVA light.

"There is nothing negative about oils other than manufacturing is a nightmare."

John explains that plant oils should contain every mineral, vitamin and omega that the skin needs to be in top form. What you should be looking for are unadulterated versions as these are the ones which can help combat greasy skin.

"Petrochemical oils are the ones which make skin greasy," John, who is the formulator of organic vital oil based skincare range Natural Elements, explained. "When we use natural ones, you can stop yourself having greasy skin [because they] shut sebaceous glands."

This is because they have very small molecules, especially when compared to something like a traditional moisturiser. It means these kinds of oils can penetrate deeper and travel through to the dermis, rather than just sitting on the skin's surface. You have to be sure you're using the right kind though.

"Avocado, grape seed, peach oils, jojoba," John advised. "You don't need expensive oils, it's a con. Just get therapeutic unadulterated oils, high grade oils.

"[For example] the process of making olive oil is horrible. It used to be a year of soaking but that's been speeded up to four weeks due to the chemicals that are added. You've got to know the ones to go for."

The expert says coconut oil can be good, but as much of it isn't pure again you must check the label first. This is the same with argan oil - if it's pure it can be great, but a lot is full of additional chemicals.

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