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Tried & Tested: Vitamin C products

Tried & Tested: Vitamin C products

Vitamin C seems to be everywhere these days and its benefits are widely known - who doesn't like the idea of a brighter complexion and protection from the sun? We decided to put this nutrient to the test by using the following products.

Altrient C by Livon State-of-the-Art Food Supplement - 3/5

There's no point slapping endless products on your face if you're not taking care of yourself in other ways - beauty really does start inside! That's why I liked the sound of this Altrient C liposomal vitamin C gel, available from, that claims to fight wrinkles and protect in severe weather. Gwyneth Paltrow and Suki Waterhouse are fans, so it's clearly effective! As a drink it's fairly underwhelming, as the gel doesn't dissolve and hits you right at the end. Luckily it doesn't have a strong taste, so it's not really unpleasant. But with the promise of firmer skin in 16 weeks, I won't be giving up on this quite yet!

JASON C-Effects Hyper-C Serum - 4/5

The orange scent as soon as you take the lid off the bottle is amazing; it makes you feel as though you're applying freshly squeezed juice to your face. This is just one of the reasons why I've been using this serum as part of my every day skincare regime as not only does it smell great, it has noticeable results. It promised to balance out my complexion and since I've started using it I've definitely spotted my skin tone is more even. Only a little is needed in the target areas, which means this wonderful product will hopefully last for a while.

Alpha-H Vitamin C Serum - 4/5

This is supposed to give you a major hit of all the antioxidant benefits of vitamin C - so we're talking radiant skin which is plump, smooth and with minimal visible pores or pigmentation. I've found it to be pretty good on what it offers too. I have an area of pigmentation it hasn't done anything for, but my pores are less apparent and overall my skin looks healthy and it's lost its dullness. In fact, I'm happy skipping foundation sometimes now which has to mean it's working.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Eye Reviver Duo - 3/5

This compact product promises bright and refreshed eyes, with de-puffing thrown in for good measure. I only used the rollerball side of the two-ended stick once, as I don't suffer from too much puffiness. I did like the under eye cream, which did make my eyes look quite bright and alert. The product was hard to get out on the sponge wand though, and I felt like I was trying to scrape a little bit a long way. Great for people who don't suffer much from bags, but when I used it after a big night out I found it was much less effective. A good product but not a miracle worker.

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