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Tried & tested: Spray in colour

Tried & tested: Spray in colour

If you fancy having some fun with your hair but don’t want to commit to a bold colour, spray in options are perfect for you! Give yourself an instant makeover with these products, safe in the knowledge that you can wash the shade away whenever you feel like it.

Fudge Urban Colour Hair Art in Pink Ink - 3.5/5

This product is so fun! Just one spritz and my hair was turned a funky peach colour. I’ve never really dyed my hair, so this was a great way to dip my toes into colouring. I kept the hue to the ends for a slight baylage look, which was really effective. The only downside is that it makes hair really crispy, which is fine for a night but needs washing straight after.

Stargazer One Wash Temporary Hair Colour Spray in Gold – 2/5

I thought this would give me a subtle touch of gold if sprayed lightly enough, however it ended up a bit too bright for my liking. Even though it didn’t have a massive effect on how my hair felt (e.g. strands didn’t go too crispy or stick together), it wasn’t enough to convince me that I should spray it again. Best left for those looking to go all out.

Pixie Lott Paint in Metallic Gold Glitter - 4/5

As far as colour hair sprays go, popstar Pixie Lott’s products are right up there with the best. The gold spray is a warm shade perfect for a glamorous but fun evening look, is surprisingly very easy to spray on and gives good glitter coverage. Works on most hair colours and washes out with ease.

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